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OEPA Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
KYEEC Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet
IDEM Indiana Department of Environmental Management


Our staff can identify environmental liabilities and determine the need for permitting or other compliance efforts. We go beyond the simple identification of problems and provide solutions that are sensitive to production timetables, budgets, and resources. This approach allows a company to work toward compliance at a measured and manageable pace.

  • Identification of air pollution and wastewater emission points
  • Stream classification
  • Storm-water discharge investigations
  • Surveys of hazardous and solid waste generation
  • Wetland delineation
  • Environmental site assessments

Ungers & Associates offers testing services in support of EPA permitting, chemical inventory, and release reporting requirements.

  • Air pollution and wastewater measurements
  • Fence-line and community air-quality monitoring
  • Toxic and hazardous waste characterization (metals, TCLP, reactivity, corrosivity, etc.)
  • Design of exhaust ventilation and pollution control systems

Our environmental scientists and certified professional geologists assist clients with the collection of data, drafting of support documents, and submission of permit applications.

  • EPA permits to install (PTI) and permits to operate (PTO) industrial process equipment
  • Storm and wastewater discharge (MSD) permits
  • SARA Title III chemical inventories
  • Hazardous waste permits
  • EPA Title V, synthetic minor, and federally enforceable state operating permits (FESOP).
  • SARA Title III toxic release inventories

Our licensed asbestos and lead inspectors, planners, and supervisors provide our clients with the expertise to ensure that the applicable regulations are being followed during implementation of corrective measures.

  • Asbestos-containing materials (ACM), lead-based paint identification & sampling
  • Operation & management (O & M) plan development
  • Abatement work plan development and compliance oversight
  • Clearance sampling and documentation of regulatory compliance