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Ungers & Associates' Environmental Site Assessments meet the specific requirements of our clients' lending institutions and conform to ASTM Practice E1527 and standards of practice for "All Appropriate Inquiries" 40 CFR 312.

Our historical review attempts to identify prior uses of the property.

  • Topographic maps and aerial photography
  • Plat books, insurance maps, and chain-of-title documents

Our records review identifies established hazardous waste sites, underground storage tanks, and waste generators on or near the subject property.

  • Federal, State, and local environmental records
  • Reports of fire and chemical spill incidents
  • Underground storage tank registration databases
  • Fire insurance databases

Our site inspections include both an investigation of the property and interviews with property owners or managers.

  • Usage, handling, or storage of toxic or hazardous materials
  • Presence of underground storage tanks (UST)
  • Evidence of toxic materials (lead, PCB, radon, etc.)
  • Generation and disposal of wastewater, and solid, and hazardous waste
  • Evidence of suspect asbestos-containing materials (ACM)
  • Nature and condition of adjacent properties

We provide our findings in a well-documented written report that includes:

  • Summary of historical records and a site map
  • Recommendations for further action (Phase II)
  • Observations and site diagram
  • Photographs (optional)

We can provide oversight and expertise for any required Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.

  • Building materials sampling
  • Environmental sampling
  • Work plan review
  • Contractor oversight

Although our standard Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments are accepted by most lending institutions, Ungers & Associates can tailor an assessment to meet the technical demands of any request.