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EPA Office of the Science Advisor


Ungers & Associates provides its clients with investigative, forensic, planning, and expert witness support both prior to and during litigation.

This work often involves the application of sound scientific principals and methods to the identification and characterizations of health or safety related issues surrounding a complaint or point of contention.

Our clients rely on Ungers & Associates to provide sound, objective, and authoritative assessments of the issues at question:

  • Hazard identification and chemical release assessment
  • Metrical analysis (validity of the measurement and treatment of censored values)
  • Statistical analysis (descriptive and inferential testing)
  • Exposure characterization

The products of the aforementioned efforts are often used to determine the likelihood of a hazards' existence and the risk of an adverse impact:

  • Laboratory or workplace simulations
  • Mathematical algorithms and computer-assisted modeling
  • Time-motion studies and workplace characterizations
  • Exposure and dose reconstruction

Finally, Ungers & Associates' professionals provide legal counsel with a number of support services prior to and during both arbitration and litigation:

  • Technical research, scientific critiques, and literature reviews
  • Expert opinions and hearing or trial testimony

Ungers & Associates provides its services through corporate or outside legal counsel. We are frequently engaged to provide confidential forensic services designed to establish the facts surrounding environmental releases, employee exposure episodes, worker compensation claims, and other issues related to workplace hazards, safety, and toxic materials.