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AIHA American Industrial Hygiene Association
ACGIH American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists


Our professional staff can identify workplace hazards, determine the success of existing programs, or identify the need for new compliance efforts. We provide clients with solutions that are prioritized and sensitive to the realities of budgets and resources. This prioritization reduces liabilities during the creation of a safe workplace at a manageable pace.

Ungers & Associates' Board certified industrial hygienists, professional geologists and environmental scientists are familiar with all reference ACGIH, EPA, NIOSH, and OSHA sampling and analytical methods. We provide our clients with the latest in technical services:

  • Workplace health and safety inspections
  • OSHA compliance program audits
  • Testing of toxic or hazardous substances in the workplace
  • Full-shift and short-term employee exposure measurements
  • Odor characterization and identification of toxic substances
  • Fence line and ambient air monitoring of chemicals
  • Noise monitoring (sound level and octave-band analysis)
  • Employee noise dosimetry and community noise levels
  • Characterization of hazardous waste
  • Microbial (mold and bacteria) investigations
  • Ergonomic, equipment guarding, and safety assessments
  • Ionizing & non-ionizing radiation

Ungers & Associates helps its clients with the development of in-house OSHA compliance programs. We provide valuable consultation on simple yet effective ways to meet government regulations:

  • Periodic third-party audits
  • Written procedures and formal compliance programs
  • Hazard communication and employee safety training
  • Management training and program maintenance

Finally, we provide our clients with expertise in the critical area of workplace controls:

  • Identification of substitutes for hazardous agents
  • Design of administrative control solutions
  • Design engineering controls (enclosures and ventilation)
  • Selection of personal protective equipment

Our compliance services provide human resource managers, plant engineers, and safety managers with programs and solutions that have successfully withstood OSHA inspections.