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OSHA IAQ Indoor Air Quality
EPA IAQ Indoor Air Quality
NIOSH IEQ Indoor Environment Quality


Ungers & Associates has an extensive history of providing indoor air quality testing and building assessment services to building owners, facilities management teams, developers and construction companies.

These services include the proper and reliable characterization of indoor air quality and building-related problems:

  • Indoor air quality audits and building inspections
  • Microbial (mold and bacteria) investigations
  • Indoor air quality monitoring (temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels)
  • Moisture measurements and water intrusion assessments
  • Testing for mold, asbestos, lead and other toxic agents
  • Assessment of building envelopes and HVAC systems

Additionally, Ungers & Associates provides its clients with corrective options that include the reduction or elimination of problems:

  • Substitution or elimination of offending chemical or physical agents
  • Alterations or improvements to existing HVAC systems
  • Air quality control measures
  • Design of abatement or other remediation efforts

Finally, Ungers & Associates assists its clients with employee, tenant, and homeowner relations through scientifically sound, straightforward and understandable communication:

  • Risk analysis and communication
  • Science-based perspective
  • Expert opinion during conflict mediation
  • Development of a safe and defensible resolution

Our Board certified industrial hygienists are known for accurate characterization of indoor air quality and building-related problems and the providing of realistic workable solutions.