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The introduction of new products to the U.S. economy can result in the creation of unintended risks and potential liabilities. Our environmental and industrial hygiene professionals have assisted our clients with new chemical and product development and the identification of potential hazards, risks, and associated liabilities.

The introduction of new products into the commercial marketplace requires the identification of both real and potential hazards. Through Ungers & Associates' experience and knowledge of scientifically sound testing procedures and methods, we assist our clients in the identification of product-related hazards:

  • Hazard identification
  • Measurement of chemical releases and emissions
  • Exposure characterization
  • Risk analysis

Once a new hazard and its associated risk have been properly identified and objectively quantified, Ungers & Associates assists its clients with the proper management and stewardship of the product:

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk reduction and engineered improvements
  • Risk communication and stewardship programs
  • Regulatory compliance (MSDS and labeling)

Finally, the knowledge gained during the aforementioned efforts can be used to test the product prior to introduction:

  • Laboratory testing
  • Testing of formulations or equipment proto-types in the field
  • Workplace simulations
  • Mathematical algorithm and computer-assisted modeling

Ungers & Associates' experience in these areas have included basic research, proactive studies of new products coming to market, and post-accident or post-exposure investigations of existing products.

The results of Ungers & Associates' testing and risk assessments are frequently published in scientific journals and often become the seminal studies upon which both customers and competitors compare the safety and efficacy of their products.