Environmental Site Assessments

Ungers & Associates' Environmental Site Assessments meet the specific requirements of our clients' lending institutions and conform to ASTM Practice E1527 and standards of practice for "All Appropriate Inquiries" 40 CFR 312.

Phase Ⅰ & Ⅱ Site Assessments

Our historical review attempts to identify prior uses of the property.

  • Topographic maps and aerial photography
  • Plat books, insurance maps, and chain-of-title documents

Our records review identifies established hazardous waste sites, underground storage tanks, and waste generators on or near the subject property.

  • Federal, State, and local environmental records
  • Reports of fire and chemical spill incidents
  • Underground storage tank registration databases
  • Fire insurance databases

Our site inspections include both an investigation of the property and interviews with property owners or managers.

  • Usage, handling, or storage of toxic or hazardous materials
  • Presence of underground storage tanks (UST)
  • Evidence of toxic materials (lead, PCB, radon, etc.)
  • Generation and disposal of wastewater, and solid, and hazardous waste
  • Evidence of suspect asbestos-containing materials (ACM)
  • Nature and condition of adjacent properties

We provide our findings in a well-documented report that includes:

  • Summary of historical records and a site map
  • Recommendations for further action (Phase II)
  • Observations and site diagram
  • Photographs (optional)

We can provide oversight and expertise for any required Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.

  • Building materials sampling
  • Environmental sampling
  • Work plan review
  • Contractor oversight

Although our standard Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments are accepted by most lending institutions, Ungers & Associates can tailor an assessment to meet the technical demands of any request.

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Contact Us

  • 1136 Saint Gregory Street
  • Suite 210
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
  • Tel: (513) 579-9899
  • Fax: (513) 579-9954